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Bouji Panda
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  • Product: Metallic Silver Glitter (Whitney Houston Themed Glitter)
  • Color: Silver / Platinum
  • Style: Metallic 
  • Cut: Hexagon
  • Cut Size: 1/64 (0.015)
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Material: PET


*Originally released in the Lady Legends Bouji Box. Scan the QR code on the label for some surprises*


This display of sparkling brilliance shimmers with a radiance that is polished and timeless, just like Whitney Houston's music. The platinum silver glitter is stunning and solid, capturing the essence of the song "Dance," which encourages us to let go and lose ourselves in the rhythm of life.

A perfect and true silver, ideal for crafts that need to reflect elegance, technology, chrome, luster, and anything in between. While you shape your next masterpiece, remember to Dance like no one's watching.

 As of January 2023


Our glitter keeps its shine under epoxy. Use Bouji Panda glitter for your tumblers, nails, picture frames, key chains, jewelry, greeting cards, drink coasters, and almost anything in between!

Help cleanup of your work area by using Bouji Panda's Oversized Silicone Craft Mat! And don't forget to grab some Bouji Bond to help make glitter application easier!

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