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Bouji Panda
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  • Product: Metallic Glitter (Adele Themed Glitter)
  • Color: Green Glitter
  • Style: Metallic 
  • Cut: Hexagon
  • Cut Size: 1/64 (0.015)
  • Weight: 2 oz. 
  • Material: PET

*Originally released in the Modern Icons Bouji Box. Scan the QR code on the label for some surprises*


Imagine a glitter that captures the melancholic and reflective mood of Adele's music. It should create a sense of depth and tranquility, and inspire creativity and personal growth. It should be bold and elegant, but also incorporate a subtler ambiance to reflect the quieter moments of introspection. You no longer have to imagine because, Hello... it's right here. 

This profound green glitter is a stunning and captivating hue reminiscent of an entrancing rainforest. A deep and saturated color that creates a personality that is both calming and energizing, perfectly capturing the essence of Adele's "Hello" in a dazzling and dynamic form.



As of February 2023



Our glitter keeps its shine under epoxy. Use Bouji Panda glitter for your tumblers, nails, picture frames, key chains, jewelry, greeting cards, drink coasters, and almost anything in between!

Help cleanup of your work area by using Bouji Panda's Oversized Silicone Craft Mat! And don't forget to grab some Bouji Bond to help make glitter application easier!

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