Like a Virgin
Like a Virgin
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Like a Virgin

Bouji Panda
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  • Color: White
  • Style: Metallic 
  • Cut: Hexagon
  • Cut Size: 1/64 (0.015)
  • Weight: 2 oz. 
  • Material: PET


*Originally released in the Lady Legends Bouji Box. Scan the QR code on the label for some surprises*

An innocent song by one of the biggest (and not innocent) pop icons of all time, Madonna, gives the perfect name for this all white glitter that will resolve your search for the perfect shade of white for your crafts!

A pure and sparkling display of snow-white radiance, this color resembles the pristine and untouched snow of a winter wonderland, sparkling like the sun reflecting off a snowy mountain peak or a freshly rolled snowball. It's a true embodiment of the lyrics "Like a virgin, touched for the very first time," capturing the essence of innocence and purity. Despite its simple and unassuming appearance, this glitter reflects the ethereal and dreamlike quality of the song. 


 As of January 2023



Photos edited in attempts to capture true color. Colors may vary in pictures based on many things, such as picture lighting, customer monitor/screen color settings, and other factors. 

Buyer Responsibility:
The buyer assumes responsibility for the product once purchased. We cannot guarantee 100% that our products are cross-contamination free. The glitter is produced in a large factory with other glitter colors and other products, although we work extremely hard to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur on our end. We recommend that you inspect your product BEFORE transferring to a permanent storage container.

Once purchased, it is up to the buyer to use the products correctly in order to ensure the best outcome. Refunds/exchanges are not available at this time.